Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Tofu steaks and asparagus

Word count: 121,836

Still busy, busy, busy. And still low-carbing. I'm feeling really good on it now - missing coffee and wine a bit but everything else feels very normal (if griddled tofu 'steaks' count as normal), though I can't quite believe that eating say 50g of cheese a day, and the odd bit of butter for cooking, will help me lose weight... Had yummy asparagus for tea tonight. AsI don't have any scales in the flat (must buy some this weekend), I have no way of telling.

Had my hair done today, really dark again (it had faded a bit since I last had it done, about five months ago) and caught up with my hairdresser's gossip, she had loads about her dates and her weight loss and being a bridesmaid in Fiji. Wish I was going to Fiji. Weather forecast for the next couple of days is Artic so it's back into woolies for me.

Very dull social life this week, deliberately, so I can keep the diet up, and also make progress on Brown Owl. I feel like I'm cracking it AT LONG LAST. I've gone through and raised the tension in lots of places and have also worked in the guiding history and so on a bit more. Slightly anxious that I might lose readers who weren't Guides/live in countries where there are no girl guides BUT I think the whole thing has enough retro charm for people to be interested. Fingers crossed.

Lovely Link of the Day
This is what I mean about the charm... It shows all the books Baden-Powell (founder of Scouts) wrote or contributed to.


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