Sunday, April 03, 2005

The Low Carb Life

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I'm on a diet. Low-carb veggie diet, to be precise. At the magazine, they have a freebie table where people put things that have been used or sent in and on there I found Rose Elliot's The Vegetarian Low-Carb Diet. And as a direct consequence of that, I am now cutting the carbs and hoping it's worth it.

Me and Rose Elliot go back a long way. I bought lots of her books when I first went veggie when I was 18 and still remember baking an avocado at her suggestion. Then a couple of years ago, when I was making a programme called Ever Wondered about Beans (honestly!) I interviewed her and also realised we share the same literary agent. So I thought it was worth a go.

It's the fifth day of the diet today and it's very odd indeed. I have been craving sweet things as there are no fruits permitted in the first two weeks. Actually, I gave up that bit this morning because I couldn't face more scrambled eggs for breakfast and the only alternative I fancy is Greek Yoghurt and though I love it, it's AWFUL without something sweet. So I sprinkled on about 10 sultanas which is sooo naughty in low-carb terms. I've now bought some raspberries and will treat myself to FOUR of them (woopy-do) with my yoghurt tomorrow. There's also no caffeine and no booze. The only good things are CHEESE and avocado but even cheese is less appealing without bread. I think because it's so tough I am managing to keep going because I don't want to give up. No idea if I am in the mythical state of 'ketosis' where you start burning off your reserves of body fat but I really hope so.

The reason for my weight loss campaign is a) generally being cheesed off with feeling fat and b) my book launch plans for the end of the month. I want to look fairly slim and also kickstart the whole weight loss thing. Then I plan to gradually reintroduce a few bits - bread and rice will be hard to go without for life. And I do love fruits and puddings. But all in moderation.

Apart from the diet (which has ruled my life, and meant I am not going out for very long as I am so boring, drinking water), not much happening. I've spent most of this gorgeous afternoon at my laptop working on revisions to Brown Owl. Am determined to give it to my editor before my new one's published, for psychological reasons... I've also been totting up the results of my Starter Marriage survey which has been fascinating. Will post them here when they're finished.

Lovely Link of the Day:
Once I've finished the book, I'm going into DIY frenzy and this site is going to be my guide. Hurrah.

Have a lovely week,
Kate x


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Kate,

Thank you for writing this revue, I would be very interested to hear how you have got on with the diet as the months have progressed.

Jemma xxx

12:59 pm  

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