Sunday, April 10, 2005

Flawless finish - and new website

Word Count: 122,502

Lovely sunny Sunday today, but am feeling a bit frazzled, juggling three lives: day job, novelist and self-promoter! Though lots of nice things are happening:

  1. My new website is FANTASTIC, thanks to the fab James Williams. Do please take a look here: - it has the Boot Camp for the Broken-hearted; the chance to sign up for my Between the Lines club for readers and writers (first issue due in May) plus the first chapter from my new book. Soon it'll also have the results of the survey lots of you replied to. Hope you like it as much as I do.
  2. My diet seems to be working. Waistbands are looser and I feel I have lost weight off my face. Judge for yourself from the photo on my site, including my new dark hair as well...
  3. Have had some lovely reviews, including one today in the Mail on Sunday's You magazine - which I hope will help. Also a terrific one in Easy Living magazine, lots of nice words like 'poignant' and 'richly portrayed characters' etc, plus mentions in Eve and Red. Only slight downside is that it's not out yet but I hope people will remember it when they're in bookshops etc.
  4. Despite being manically busy I managed a bit of retail therapy this morning: new shoes, a top from Karen Millen with peacock feathers on it (sounds horrid but isn't) at less than 1/3rd original price. Oh and spent a fortune on make-up. Have been wearing really thick caked on Estee Lauder for years, because I used to do lots of TV reporting and it lasted all day, but am finally coming into 21st century, thanks to Laura Mercier.
  5. My sister's coming home from eight months of travelling on Sunday. Wow!

So, there you go. Plenty of blessings to count...

Lovely link of the day:

Well, I want to plug my website again. Hope no-one minds,

Have a great week,

Kate x


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