Sunday, April 17, 2005

The final countdown...

Word count: 123,264

Four days till The Starter Marriage is 'officially' published - though most books, including mine, usually go on sale days before the listed date. So it could be in the shops tomorrow! I had a lovely but very busy week this week. Up stupidly early today to see my sister off her flight from Bangkok: she looked very tanned and healthy. Yesterday met my parents for lunch. Friday I worked from home on magazine work, because the move meant there were no computers in the office.

Thursday was the fantastic Romantic Novelists' Association lunch at the Savoy - very yummy food and met some top people, including Erica James, whose novels I really enjoy. She was nominated for the prize for the fourth time, but was pipped by A Good Voyage which I haven't read. The only downside was it was the first booze I'd had since starting my diet so I felt rather befuddled once I got home!

Lovely Link of the Day:
My mind is much focussed on marketing at the moment and Kate Allan, a new novelist who is an RNA member, has been getting some amazing success in terms of press and other coverage for The Lady Soldier, a book she's written with another author. Very interesting to follow what she's doing - too late for me this time, but hopefully next time I will take some leaves out of her book.


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