Thursday, April 21, 2005


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My historical ignorance could be showing up here but I seem to remember that the D in D-Day stood for 'Day' which always seemed odd. Anyway, today is Day Day for Starter Marriage and I am officially excited.

Yesterday was lovely - I did some local radio interviews and really enjoyed being back on air. Spoke to a really interesting divorced woman called Margot on Radio Leeds and she and the presenter asked whether my publicity photo was twenty years old as apparently most author pictures are! Mine isn't, honest!

Then I signed LOADS of book stock in Waterstones in Oxford Street and Piccadilly - a huge contrast to when my first novel came out and I struggled to find it. Highlights there included a woman called Kelly from near Blackpool coming up saying she'd read about the book and wanted to buy it as she's getting divorced and moving to London - I was really thrilled! My first real live customer... Good luck with the move! Then in Waterstones, one of the booksellers, Richard, came up to ask for a signed copy because he'd loved the book when he saw it in proof - I was so pleased it appealed to men as well...

I'm sounding a bit gushing now, aren't I? OK, will have a rant just to prove I am still Kate really. Wanadoo - WHY??????? I have broadband with them and spent about two days and six hours on the phone to various alleged 'helplines' trying to get it to reconnect after their stupid wireless connector totally stopped working. It took five hours to connect to the ethernet cable and THEN the guy hung up on me. After 51 minutes! Really shoddy service. Apparently they also sent me an untested LiveBox wireless thing back in September so no wonder it's really unreliable. Stuff like that drives me mad. They still charged me £79 for a duff bit of kit. Grrrr. All that time when I could have been checking my amazon rating... don't they know how much work I have to do???

Lovely link of the day:
I should have looked here before signing up to wanadoo, really...


Blogger Amanda Mann said...

FIRST SPOTTING from here too: Waterstone's Chiswick, enORmous pile right in the front table of shop. It's literally the first book you see when you go in the door. Well, well done you and Orion - CONGRATULATIONS!

12:14 pm  

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