Tuesday, April 26, 2005

And then it was someone else's week...

Word count: 130,695 (I've sort of finished)

It's a strange thing. Mypublication date is now last week, my novel yesterday's news. This is the time that authors find difficult - no reliable sign yet of how things are selling, no feedback yet from friends or family... no indicator of whether it's a turkey or a triumph.

I'm really pleased that I have sorted my book launch party for this week as it helps to stave off the risk of Post Publication Depression. I have been looking forward to The Starter Marriage being published for a year now, and it feels strange now it's gone out into the world, looking for sympathetic homes. Last week I also had a treat of lunch with Kate, Gen, Juliet and Emma at Orion which made me feel all warm and fluffy (and a touch drunk too). Now it's normal life again. To illustrate the depth of author paranoia, here are a few indicators of writers in that PP phase:
  • They do check amazon almost on the hour. A score under 2000 means elation; a score in the 8,000s or above is enough to drive them to hard liquor.
  • Reviews. Can't live with 'em. Can't live without em etc... so today my book was in Heat. Very exciting. Got four stars (out of five). Very positive review. Lovely big picture of the jacket. One negative comment about some of the minor characters. Guess which one I am fixating on?
  • Relatives. My parents haven't called. Do they hate it?
  • I could go on but frankly it's too boring.

So. It's not pretty, is it, the inside of a writer's psyche? Luckily we can always pour our extreme emotions into the next book. And compared to Rejection Letter-Induced Melancholy, it's a dream come true.

Lovely link of the day:

More for the reader than the self-obsessed writer (that's me I'm talking about), Maud Newton is ever-reliable and fascinating. I feel like a cheat putting this blog in BUT it's worth it on the off chance that someone hasn't discovered it...


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