Sunday, March 06, 2005

Post First Draft Blues...

Word Count: exactly the bloody same. And one in two words is wrong.

You see, that's the downside. It's like Christmas when you're a kid - you look forward to it, you've got advent calendars and candles to burn for each day - then the Big Day arrives, all the presents are unwrapped in seconds, and you're suddenly sitting surrounded by discarded paper, feeling distinctly deflated and short of whatever battery it was that you really needed.

Batteries aside, I'm feeling pretty much the same this evening. The thrill of printing off Book Three - in 10 point, 1.5 spacing to save on paper - has given way to a kind of dejection about the thing. Some of it reads quite well, but some of it is distinctly 'so what?' to my eyes, and I am lost in a forest of sub-plots, contradictory character traits and above all the huge worry about whether any reader will actually care about my story. I care about it - care what happens to my protagonist, Lucy, and all her family and friends... yet you can't rely on a bookbuyer, with thousands of titles to choose from, to care as well!

It's all part of the process, of course, and today hasn't been all work and no play. Went off for lunch with boyf at a local gastro-pub, the Seven Stars, which was yum and also offered lots of opportunities to work out whose mum was whose as they were all out for mother's day meals Then had a long chat on the phone with my mum - she'd already spoken to my sister who is currently in Penang on the final six weeks of her world tour. Tonight there's a pot of lentilly wintry soup on the stove and a glass of red wine left in the bottle from last night and some good telly in store, so there's lots to look forward to...

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