Saturday, March 05, 2005

The End! Hurrah! But also, the beginning...

Word count: 120,385

Literally, two minutes ago, I wrote the last sentence of the first draft of Brown Owl's Guide to Life. I am of course utterly thrilled about this, but there are caveats:
  1. There are two significant bits that will be in the final book that I haven't yet written - the epilogue, plus a final flashback to the Summer of 1979 that I currently have no idea where it'll go. To me, this does feel a bit like cheating. I am very much a 'no corners cut' sort of person (with the exception of decorating where I always choose one-coat paint and barely wash down with sugar-soap first). But there are good reasons for this. I do really need a re-read of the whole thing to work out if I have got the story right (the writing is more easily fixed, I think). This leads me to the second caveat:
  2. This novel needs a lot of work. Like, far more than anything I've ever done before. So I know I am going to hate it for the next couple of weeks minimum. That's not negative thinking as such, it's realistic.

So, that's my writing news. Lots else going on since my last posting. I've been feeling quite poorly all week, sort of mild gastric flu or something, which has meant I didn't go out as much as I planned. I've moved from the magazine where I was working to a new one, aimed at older woman (ie in their 30s rather than 20s) and I think it's going to be excellent fun there, really busy as well. My 'galleys' (the nearest thing to a book you get before it's actually all published) arrived from the US - thank you Kara - and I found out that the publication dates of various things have changed quite a lot, so that the paperback of Starter Marriage is going to come out sooner, but the hardback of Brown Owl will be later.

Um, can't think of anything else. Must go and find enough paper to print out my latest book and then go from there...

Lovely Link of the Day:

The UK Sunday Times newspaper recently recommended the Paris Review site. The best bit, for me especially where I am currently with the writing, is the part of the site I've linked to, where you can read interviews conducted since the fifties. But even more fascinating is that each of those people has submitted a page of annotated manuscript... some covered in scrawl, some beautifully neat, all giving an insight into the writing process. Excellent stuff!


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