Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Daffodil days

Word count: 118,906

I am in a much better mood today. Well, since yesterday, really. I allowed myself an evening of irritation on Monday and then have decided to think positive from now on... and the sunshine today helped, there are pots full of daffs on my patio and I had a long walk round West London and felt all was well with the world.

I've also been going through the quotes from Brownie and Guide handbooks that I'd love to use in the new book, though getting permissions can be very complex. There's a lot of funny stuff but also a lot of wisdom and I'd love to be able to make people more interested in the history of the Guide movement as I think it says a lot about how women's roles have evolved. Ah well, we'll see.

Also had a chat with my editor at Orion about pre-orders for The Starter Marriage and it sounds like it's going well, so that's another reason to be cheerful.

Getting chilly now. Maybe March isn't the new June after all.

Kate xx


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