Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Bug city

Word Count: 118,904 (Two words less than a week ago)
Weather: head-cold grey

I have ANOTHER bug. It's really getting on my nerves. I was determined to be all positive and yet the microbes have other ideas. I've got a cough that's keeping me (and anyone else within earshot) awake at night, and during the day I feel too weak and wimpy to brush my teeth. I'll have to have a little lie-down after this.

I am so frustrated at myself for feeling like some consumptive Victorian heroine. But what can you do? Easter was a slight washout though we did still go to the glorious Hotel Kandinsky. I like the way hotels often get my ideas flowing and one day I'd love to set a novel in an hotel. I had some big thoughts about Brown Owl which made me rethink the plot. Floated around a lot, then we forgot the clocks had changed and were late for breakfast but - test of a good hotel - they still served us toast and coffee in the fabulous conservatory. We came back to London and then spent ages looking for a chemist open on Easter Sunday to sell me Benilyn.

I spent all of yesterday in bed or on the sofa in my dressing gown. Today I did manage to get dressed and then went back to bed after getting an electricity bill for £1800. I am hoping this is a mistake as it seems a trifle excessive for a two bedroomed flat.

All of this is ludicrously trivial compared of course to the earthquake news from SE Asia. Am hoping it's not nearly as bad as the initial reports. My sister is in Thailand and I know everything's OK there but if you're reading this, Toni, hope you're not too unsettled.

Lovely link of the day:
In the days before pharmacies, this is what I would be brewing up. Can't say I fancy it but the reports seem very positive...


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