Saturday, February 26, 2005

Rain, rain, go away... come again another day.

Word Count: 116,304

Another six days without blogging. So what have I been doing with the time when I could have been posting?
1. On Tuesday, went to the Orion author party at the Tate Britain. Very glam and met some top people...
2. Met my friend Jenny and had a meal in a Lebanese place behind Oxford St on Wednesday;
3. Boyf came round on Thursday and we watched telly;
4. Did the proof-reading on the US version of Starter Marriage;
5. Oh and bought an Oyster card which is like an electronic transport pass. But why Oyster? Have also been doing magaziney things that I can't talk about because of the bit of paper I signed.

Next week looks even busier - off to a friend's birthday meal on Monday; meal out on Tuesday; Wednesday is the critique group I go to, Thursday seeing a friend (maybe several) from journalism college donkeys years ago - and probably swapping over to a different magazine that day as well, and Friday probably out with another friend when she's back from holiday. So tonight am trying hard to get as far as poss with book.

Lovely link of the day:
There's some brilliant advice on here: Holly Lisle's site. Very thorough and practical and the kind of stuff that even, three books in, I can learn from...


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