Sunday, February 06, 2005

The Perfect Weekend

Word count: 103,556

I had such a lovely authorly day on Friday. Went into central London for lunch with my editor, her assistant and two fantastic people from Book Club Associates, who are being incredibly supportive of The Starter Marriage. We went to Bertorelli’s in Covent Garden and had champagne and yummy Italian food: together with lots of fantastic gossip. I really enjoy hearing about the publishing world, it’s different from TV where I’ve worked for almost all my career.

As well as a chick lit lunch, I made a chick lit purchase – a lovely pair of shoes. Normally shoes don’t do it for me – I have really wide feet! But these are gorgeous and make my feet look almost dainty.

This weekend we cooked dinner for some friends – the highlight of the evening was definitely Nigel Slater’s Apple Chocolate Betty, winter pudding beyond compare – and then today I went to Oxfordshire for a top lunch with a Moroccan theme, followed by a really long walk in the country… apparently where we went may have been the setting for Ian McEwan's Enduring Love.

All in all, a perfect weekend. But not awfully productive on the writing front. And I know that this week’s going to be tough going because I am out every single night. I think I’m going to need to try to get up a few minutes earlier to write in the mornings. Or write in my lunch-hour… ah well. I am determined to finish the first draft by the end of the month!

Lovely link of the day:

Artemisia Holidays is running a series of creativity and writing workshops in Italy in August – and I’m teaching one of them! So if you want to do some writing in a gorgeous setting, then take a look.


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