Saturday, February 12, 2005

Pastures New

Word count: 105,737

Busy, busy, busy… It’s been my last week in BBC development, before I head off to the glam world of magazines… so I’ve been getting rid of emails and tidying my desk and throwing away paperwork…

Well, actually, not throwing away nearly as much paperwork as I should. I am the original paper hoarder. I keep everything: letters; diaries (OK, that’s fair enough); notebooks (my journalism training tells me that people can still sue you up to seven years after you do something, so you need to hang onto your notes. Great excuse for a hoarder like me); old maps and ‘welcome leaflets’ from holidays I took fifteen years ago (well, you never know when you might want to write a story about Corfu set in 1988); magazines I don’t normally buy (another source of random inspiration); notes from training courses or my Open University degree (because I am always needing to look up linguistics or criminology or how to work the BBC’s bulletin system, even though I haven’t produced a bulletin for seven years); etc etc. It’s a shocker but I just can’t do throw it away… I have tried but it’s so tough.

This week I also went to see Acorn Antiques The Musical which is based on a sketch that Victoria Wood used to do in her shows on TV. It was very, very long and very funny and silly but also very expensive. £60 a ticket! Bloody hell. Not sure it was worth that, actually. Unfortunately the star of the show, Julie Walters, was ill the night we went so her role as Mrs Overall, the charlady, was taken by Victoria Wood who is a great performer, but it’s not the same… Ceila Imrie was great too. (NB: note to any American readers. Not a show I’d recommend going to see. It’s one of those phenomena, like cricket or warm beer, that people who weren’t brought up on programmes like Jim’ll Fix It or It’s a Knockout will probably never quite understand. Just be thankful, honestly).

Also spent too much money on my car (brakes) and my clothes (at Fenwick with their personal shopper – I can’t even tell you how much)… both are luxuries, but life is for living, eh? I also had a terrific parcel of books from Genevieve at Orion who’d found me lots of novels we’d all talked about at lunch last week: a Nicholas Coleridge called Godchildren, a book called Darkly Dreaming Dexter, plus the hotly-debated Belle de Jour.

So those are on the To Be Read pile. Have just finished Goodbye Jimmy Choo, which I really enjoyed, lots of fun but with some smart things to say about how we get sucked into image. Next is All Families are Psychotic. One of the new things about my secondment is that it will involve going to work by bus rather than walking – and though it’ll take some getting used to, I should get lots more reading done!

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