Friday, February 04, 2005

Noises and peeping tom builders...

Word Count: 102,560

Friday! Yippee! Though the builders upstairs are driving me MAD! (warning: do not exceed exclamation mark quota or dire consequences will ensue)

The work has been going on for five months now and it's so depressing, having noise overhead all the time and rubbish in the garden, not to mention the random chucking of stuff out of the window. And they're rude and keep staring in at me through the bathroom window when I have a shower. Which then undermines my scary battleaxe persona when I open the front door and say 'exactly what are you intending on doing with that scaffolding pole?'

I know they can't be here much longer but it's really rubbish having no control over something that affects your life so fundamentally. Plus I have been thinking of selling my flat but can't do anything until they're finished. The upside is that the whole building ought to look much nicer by the time it's all completed but ARRRRGH.

Nothing to do with writing of course. The writing is going fine: well, better than it was. Have managed to get through the barbecue scene that was causing me so much trouble... so the last 20,000 words should be a breeze. Well, so I keep telling myself...

Lovely Link of the Day:

I really enjoy author Kate Hardy's blog, and not just because her name is very similar to mine. I've never met her though we've exchanged emails via the Romantic Novelists' Association and she seems a total sweetie. I love getting an insight into her life from reading her blog... I admit it, I am utterly nosy.


Blogger Kate Allan said...

Hello, hello! I didn't even know you had a blog until today. :) V jealous of the six figure wip word count, and all that. I have six figures still to write...

12:06 am  

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