Sunday, February 27, 2005

The Joy of Fondue

Word count: 118,345

You know, I think the end is finally in sight for the Brown Owl book. Hurrah! Well, that's a short-lived hurrah because I have about 3,000 of those little Word comment boxes I have added along the way (which say things like: what a rubbish sentence, fix this).

There was a very interesting conversation going on one of the writers' boards I go to about whether novel writing gets easier, the more books you write. The unanimous view (and this is based on authors who between them have written well over 150 novels, including some of the bestsellers in the popular fiction category) was that it doesn't BUT the difference is that you know you will finish it, and then that you can make it better.

Had a lovely wintry retro fondue lunch today with friends of boyf's in Kingston - met their new baby son who is very cute and smiley. They're French and their daughter who is three is already brilliantly bilingual. We watched the rugby - I never expect England to win and, guess what, they didn't. But rugger players are much tastier than the football sort.

Lovely link of the day:
As it's Sunday, this quiz (which I tried ages ago but was reminded of on Kate Hardy's blog) is great fun with a very retro design that tells you what dog you'd be... interestingly, it goes with a movie I have never heard of, which goes to show that web viral marketing can be a mixed blessing, if the quiz ends up more popular than the movie!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Loved the link. Am not sure about my new doggie identity: whippet. Would love the waistline but not sure about the shivering knees.

10:23 am  

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