Sunday, February 13, 2005

Beds Time

Word count: 107,923

It’s gone really chilly today. But I seem to be making more progress with the WIP so I don’t mind being in the warm. Apart from managing to add over two thousand works to Brown Owl (just finished Chapter Thirty-One, where a big secret is revealed, all good fun), I’ve not done much. Went with boyf to choose a nice new bed for him at Feather and Black. I bought my dream bed from them about seven years ago when it was called The Iron Bed Company. This isn't an ad but I love their designs. Mine's a Lara and makes me feel like a fairy princess. Not a feeling I experience frequently...

Actually, I’ve just done my sums and it was more like nine years when I bought the bed. This is happening to me more and more. The other day I worked out I’d been working in London now for over six years. How did that happen? Until I was about twenty-two the years were slooooowww and now it’s all speeding up. Terrifying.

Obviously there’s something about grey Sundays that leads to introspection. Later on my mate Geri’s coming round to help me choose what to wear tomorrow.

Lovely link of the day:

This link, Ian Irvine’s The Truth about Publishing, was recommended on another writers’ board, and I agree, it’s terrific for a realistic, yet witty, guide to how publishing works.


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