Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Absent without Leave (or Kate’s guide to celebrating a birthday in January)

Word count: 101,621 (utter rubbish, Harrison. Go to the bottom of the class)

OK, so I did a bunk again. sorry but it’s been that stressful time in any woman’s life: a birthday. Actually I do think that anyone with the misfortune to have a birthday in The Dark Months (ie November to March) should be entitled either to a) declare an official birthday during the Summer months OR b) to gain citizenship to a country where the climate is more favourable to drinking celebratory cocktails in the great outdoors rather than gripping mugs of coffee wearing thermals.

However, as I am not yet Aquarian Leader of the World, I:

....went to eat at The Blue Elephant with my friend Adele. This is a fab Thai place in Fulham and I'd never been there before. It looks pretty standard from the outside, but once inside, you're in a different world: lush and green and FULL of waiting staff so the service is excellent. Quite pricey but the food was yum: I had something like a Thai 'thali' with loads of different veggie dishes.
… stayed at The Alias Hotel Barcelona in Exeter with boyf. This place used to be the eye hospital and is a fab building that's been turned into a fab, quirky hotel. We stayed in the old Operating Theatre (no, we didn't have to sleep on the operating table) and ate in the restaurant and went to their very funky bar, where we watched a band and drank delicious cocktails.
… walked along Exmouth Beach - nothing like a bit of sea air of a Sunday afternoon, though we were the only people without a scampering dog.
... relaxed at Eden Spa, Exeter (or more specifically their orange flotation tank), which was part of the deal. Not sure I'd have one of these again. It wasn't as claustraphobic as I expected but it wasn't that relaxing either. Strange feeling, lying in a few inches of salty water, and good for your back I'm sure. An experience.
… had a nice dinner at Levant in the West End with my friend Jenny. Another restaurant themed around warmer climes, this was a Middle Eastern banquet - delicious and very healthy. Service was slightly incompetent (waiting 45 minutes for a Diet Coke) but there was a belly dancer there who had somehow worked out how to move her boobs independently of one another. Now there's a party trick...

Lovely Link of the Day:
Southern Comfort is... a writer's blog that focuses on marketing, with loads of top ideas. I don't know the author, Karen Gillespie, but will have to look out for her books when I visit the States.


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