Friday, January 07, 2005

Writing against the clock

Word count (at 3.35pm): 92,330

My first Friday-off-for-writing of the New Year, and time for regime change. For too long I have faffed about far too much, so today I set myself a ridiculous but quite amusing timetable of events. Three one-hour uninterrupted (ie, no web surfing, no scoffing of random food from cupboards) writing sessions. Forty minutes of housework (which took far longer, actually, a sign of what a sloven I have become. Or is the word slattern?). Thirty minutes of plotting this children’s book idea I’ve got. Plus various bits of admit related stuff.

So far, so good. The one-hour concentrated writing worked very well, I managed 1,100 in the first hour and then 1,470 in the one I’ve just done. Which is pretty good going. Now it’s not high quality stuff, but it’s OK for a first draft.

Also got my Public Lending Right statement through and was amazed that it’s a very tidy sum. So thank you, everyone who has borrowed my book. Finally this afternoon, got a call through from my agent to say that The Starter Marriage will be recorded unabridged on tape… so that’s jolly and is also a little bit of extra cash.


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