Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Rainy back to work day...

Word Count: 88,414

Hey, that's about 1,600 words, not bad on a work day. Haven't got much to say about work except, it's lovely being back in the office in some ways. But lots of people are leaving - partly a natural cycle in my department, and partly because I think the whole job loss spectre is putting the wind up everyone - so it won't be quite the same soon with some of the best brains gone.

While I'm writing my WIP, am also pondering where to go with the idea I have for a children's book. Well, actually it's a series. Hey, why not bite off far more than I can chew?

Pedometer: 4,884 but that's because I forgot to switch it on for my walk home.
Broken umbrella count: one. First outing for said umbrella as well.
Soup count: two. Lentil and herb for lunch, tomato and basil for tea.
Broken bits of filling count: no new ones. See soup count.


Blogger Hayley said...

Hi Kate

I found your blog via your website.

I am an aspiring novelist. Oh god just typing it makes me cringe but there is no other way to describe it I'm afraid. Not an unusual thing these days I realise. Heavy emphasis on the word 'aspiring' as well because putting pen to paper as it were is far harder than anything I have ever taken on. Where's the time? Which brings me to my point (yes I do have one!) how on earth do you make time for all your writing and your job etc? Do you go to sleep at all?

Anyway I really enjoy reading your blog (blogs?) and wanted to let you know.


PS Is my comment the first?
PPS Don't you just love PS??!

8:28 pm  

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