Friday, January 21, 2005

Hoorah for six figure word counts. Now what?

Word count: 101,013

OK, so I've hit the six figures. But now it’s hard going. Not helped by the fact that I got a bit drunk last night at a colleague’s leaving do. He’s one of the nicest, most talented guys I’ve worked with and it was very sad to see him go, but great that he’s got a job he’ll excel at. It was a really nice party – one of those where you look around the room and think, ‘oh I can’t wait to catch up with that person… and that person… and them, oooh lovely!’

I didn’t drink that much but because I’ve been mainly off-booze since New Year, I feel rough today. And I was meant to be going out for lunch but I am waiting in for drains people to come to finally fix the problems. Hurrah! It’s going to be like the house equivalent of colonic irritation!

I think one of the reasons for slow progress, apart from the hangover, is that I have so many other things going on at the moment, including thinking up articles to try to promote my new book and also short stories and all sorts… I know I should focus but I am terribly distractible. Always trying to do three things at once, which doesn’t tend to work well when you’re writing a novel!

Anyway, back to WIP.


Blogger Rachel Hauck said...

Oh, you are so right! Doing three things at once while writing a novel... never good! :) I'm learning to be single focused. OK, who'm I kidding. I think I'm learning to be single focused. Over 100K ! Wow. Is that Word's word count, or the 250 times number of pages count? Heck, good for you either way!

9:26 pm  

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