Sunday, January 09, 2005

Gadget binge

Word count: 96,457

I am fresh from doing my Davina’s Power of 3 workout on DVD. Oh yes, I will stop at nothing to lose my novelist’s flab. I even ate rice cakes today. Actually, the DVD was better than the awful videos I used to buy a few years ago. No ‘whooping’ and they all seem to have a nice, dry sense of humour about the lunacy of the exercises. I bet I am going to ache tomorrow, though.

To make up for not buying cake, I have been on a gadget-buying binge: new pedometer (old one had a radio that cut out all the time, so have now got a talking one. I bet it won’t talk but I am a sucker for such things), a gym ball for sit-ups (well, not really a gadget but it does come with a foot pump) and a daylight alarm clock that wakes you up as though the sun is rising. Boyfriend's got one (I bought it for him) as he works in construction which means getting up BEFORE the crack of dawn in Winter. But mine is a cheap Boots own brand version – with added relaxing birdsong (!) or rain sound effects – so it is probably not going to be as good. Will let ya know…

Generally the writing’s gone OK this weekend. I am feeling odd about it because I have an awful premonition that I am writing a LOT of scenes that will end up being cut in my first edit, because I have too much going on. But I feel I have to go down the path I have set myself… even if it turns out to be a dead end. Or something. Enough metaphors.

Have a great week….


Blogger Tisha from Texas said...

First of all, belated congrats on being a successful author.
Secondly, I own six pieces of workout equipment that hang clothing very well. ALso, 23 workout videos that are somehow mixed in with Spongebob Squarepants.

My chick lit book is being considered by four different publishing houses, which means I will have four days of intense sobbing and chocolate binges.
Great blog
Come see mine but I should warn you, I am a certified goofball of the highest order.

5:44 am  

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