Monday, January 24, 2005

Four seasons in one day

Word Count: 101,431

It has been the most extraordinary day. Brilliant sunshine, freezing winds, weird hail/snow hybrid being blown across great swathes of West London, while blue skies and fluffy clouds were visible behind it (God, I am so British, talking endlessly on this blog about the weather).

There is something odd going on. I mean, I know I am a very susceptible person (boyf refused to let me watch the DVD of 28 Days Later this weekend because he was worried I’d never go into central London again for fear of catching a deadly bug) but there are huge shades of The Day after Tomorrow in the way the climate seems to be behaving at the moment. Though beyond recycling my bottles and Diet Coke cans, walking rather than driving to work, and wearing socks instead of switching the heating up, I feel powerless to do anything much about it.

Apart from that, what’s happening? Word count is a bit pathetic, I must admit. It seems tricky at the moment, am still in the midst of 1970s barbecue scene, which feels like it’s lasting as long as the entire bloody decade at the moment. Ah well. Am also struggling to think of a brilliant short story idea to run around the time of publication of The Starter Marriage. Have a half idea in my head, so just need to force myself to get on with it.

I’m aware that I am failing in my blogging duty by not highlighting some other brilliant sites, so from now on I am going to include one top writing link every time.

Lovely link of the day:

Romancing the blog: a happy birth-day to this site for tomorrow, 25th January. It looks like great fun, with lots of book gossip and author info. (hmmm wonder how I go about being listed there too?)


Blogger Larissa said...

Hi, Kate!

I love RTB! *g* If you go to their "contact" page, you can submit your blog. I'm getting a lot of traffic from my link there! :)

Love your blog!

11:53 pm  

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