Tuesday, January 18, 2005

A cold snap and a slow one…

Word count: 99,869 (oooh so near, yet so far to six figures)

I know, I know, the point of a blog is that you update it regularly, isn’t it? But I’ve been really busy at work and not making that much progress with writing, unfortunately. I just go through phases – and, without getting the violins out, sometimes the last thing you feel like doing after a day at the computer is to go home and sit at the laptop.

On the plus side, had a wonderful boost regarding my second book, The Starter Marriage, which was a bookshelf choice in The Bookseller magazine this week. I know it’s horribly boastful to post what was said but I’m going to do it anyway as it’s so lovely.

Lisa Milton, from Book Club Associates (which runs bookclubs like www.mango.co.uk) said:
‘Every so often, a book comes along that defines a social trend. Helen Fielding did this with Bridget Jones and Kate Harrison’s new book looks set to do the same. The Starter Marriage is the latest buzz phrase, the relationship equivalent of your first home (it gets you on the ladder but is quickly outgrown!). I loved the bittersweet humour and predict that this will really put Kate Harrison on the map.’

Now every writer would long to be as successful as Helen Fielding so this is a top quote. Whenever I am struggling with writing, I will look at this quote and feel all glowy inside.

Am also glowing generally thanks to my healthkick. So far my attempt to shift novelist’s flab is going well. I’ve made a deliberate decision not to weigh myself (and I chucked out my scales a while back in a fit of irritation) so am judging it on how my clothes fit, and so far, so good. Have started doing the Bodydoctor workout and find it tough, but almost enjoyable. And the good thing is, you really don’t get aches and pains because each exercise ‘cancels out’ the lactic acid in the previous one, which is what usually causes stiffness next day. Haven’t given up chocolate but am hardly eating any wheat and for all my scepticism about intolerances etc, it does seem to have stopped my tummy being bloated. Can’t kick the caffeine, though. That really would be a step too far…

In other very exciting news, congratulations to Fiona and Adam on the birth of their gorgeous new baby, Charlotte Grace. She arrived two days after their housewarming party which was full of opera singers (who were also giving me top tips for the operatic aspects of my new novel)… I am sure she will have a very healthy pair of lungs…

Finally, apologies to the people who’ve posted comments on my blog. As until very recently no-one’s been looking at it, I don’t quite know the etiquette of replying… can anyone help? Do you reply publicly or privately. Welcome to my little bit of cyberspace! Equally, I must start adding some links to some of my fave sites soon. One day…

Happy scribbling, all.

Kate x


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