Sunday, January 02, 2005

2005 Day One and a half

Word Count: 83,621

Happy New Year, everyone! (well, that’s assuming anyone reads my blog except me, in which case, Happy New Year, Kate)

Abba hits

Snacks (I am googling all these terms and snacks throws up all sorts of weird links, this one has a recipe for apple shoe leather. Hmmm)
Jools Holland

And then it was 2005. Can you believe that?
So far today I have watched lots of Little Britain, finished reading The Closed Circle (I enjoyed it a lot, though I agree with some of the reviews that there are irritating bits, eg when he doesn’t name TV programmes, as if he’s already expecting his book will be a classic so he has to explain the shows as if to space aliens) and seem to have lost part of my temporary filling. Have tried to refill if with weird white clove oil-flavoured stuff called Dentemp which I am worried I will swallow but it’s better than having a cave-sized gap in my upper jaw.



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