Thursday, December 30, 2004

Doing my sums

Word count: 79,677

Last night I tried to estimate more of the first draft of the WIP will actually be. I reckon, somewhere around about 38,000 words to go, so it’s realistic to think I can finish it by the end of Jan/beginning of Feb. That’ll give me a total word count of about 120,000 words, which is very slightly shorter than The Starter Marriage but 20,000 words longer than Old School Ties. Probably not interesting to anyone but me, but there you go…

Other than that, have been doing some sale shopping. Bought a jumper in Whistles (that place is too expensive to shop in at other times), plus a disco light for my cat who is OBSESSED with lights on the ceiling. It’s the only thing that gets her going, there could a tiger stalking the back garden and she’d ignore it in favour of the light cast when I accidentally move a mirror near a lamp. So this should drive her wild.

We watched Troy the other night. Another awful film. How can they spend that much money and get it so badly wrong?

Right. Back to work. Intend to write a flashback today of a child’s first ever visit to London. Must try to dredge up my own memories of going, which revolve around Hamley’s toyshop and the Tower of London. So both will no doubt feature in this scene.

Don't think I ever imagined I would actually live here...


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