Thursday, December 23, 2004

Day 4

Word count: 70,832

This is all going well so far. Yes, I am surfing the internet quite a lot, but I have done an awful lot of writing (probably awful writing, but you need to get it on the page in order to improve it!) since Monday so I am feeling proud of myself.

True, it’s taking a lot more words to write each section, so I think am headed for a 120,000 word novel rather than a 100,000 – which means I’m only just half way through. But there’s some nice stuff coming out, it’s always fun when your ideas start overtaking the synopsis.

Am going to write all afternoon and then maybe a bit tomorrow morning (depending on hangover from evening out tonight) before giving up over Christmas for three days. Then more of the same next week.

I’ve also been giving some thoughts to writing goals for 2005. I’m a fervent goal-setter (blame the life coach training I’ve been doing) and have been considering some resolutions - much more fun than the old ‘giving up smoking/eating less chocolate’ variety…

My initial thoughts would be:
- Finish first draft of Book 3 by February (well, ideally January), giving me lots of time to turn it from a sow’s ear into something more like a silk purse by the May deadline;
- Write at least two short stories for women’s magazines to build up a bit more of a portfolio here as they can be lucrative and a good way of getting my name known
- Branch out into a new area of writing that interests me, either children’s writing or radio drama, submitting something by end of 2005. I always have lots of ideas but not always the time, so if I can get the novel done by February then I could dovetail editing that, with working on new ideas.

I’m sure I can think of some more over Christmas. Right, time to go to buy some Xmas goodies out there in the cold!


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