Monday, December 20, 2004

The Christmas writing marathon begins…

Word Count: 61,614

It’s been a while since my last entry because I have been busy doing dull but essential stuff. Christmas shopping, having root canal treatment (and as I am the world’s worst dental wimp, that is an achievement in itself) and also putting most of my previous 59,000 words into the first person, present tense. Yep, it’s definitely the way forward… except it's been backward, actually cutting rather than expanding. So my word count has been as dormant as a dormouse.

At last I’m ploughing forward again! Hurrah! The previous stuff is very far from perfect but at least I have it in the right tense and POV, so I am going to crack on with the rest of the book, finish it and then edit it into submission. I am probably being naïve but I’m actually looking forward to the editing process this time as I think I have a much clearer idea than when I started out of how to turn a dog’s breakfast of a book into something rather better. Or maybe not.

So I have a timetable I plan to write to over Christmas! I know it’s a time for eating, drinking and watching The Sound of Music, but that bores me very quickly so I actually like having something else to do. I did a lot of the work on my previous two novels during the Christmas holidays, so sitting hunched over my laptop is almost a festive traditional for me now. Though last year I overdid it and ended up with what I feared might be RSI. I invested in voice recognition software which provided lots of amusement for my boyfriend as I read fairytales into the computer in an attempt to get it to recognise my voice. Never quite worked so this year it has to be little and often.

Not much else to report. Lots of lovely parties have been had – got another tonight. I’ve just done the copy-edit for my American publisher, it was fascinating to see what changes I needed to make. For example, I never knew that ‘pong’ wasn’t a word Americans used. It means smell/stink by the way…

Right, must go and tart myself up for tonight’s outing. I plan to keep posting to show that I am working hard so watch this space!!


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