Monday, December 27, 2004

Back on the chain gang…

Word Count: 75,591

Well, it’s hardly a chain gang, unless a novel is a chain of words that the writer has to link together to form an unbreakable line etc etc. I suppose if I was literary I could build that up into a complex analogy but as I am a lightweight chick lit fluff-head I will tell you about Christmas instead.

We went to this gorgeous hotel that we’ve stayed at before, which reminds me of how heaven would be if it exists. It’s all white and light with a special lift that takes you down to a spa where everyone pads around in slippers. There’s a fantastic Jacuzzi thing which is where we sat on Christmas Day after an enormous breakfast… lovely. I had lots of top class presents – books, body scrubs (I seem to have had a lot of these lately and I do love them, but I wonder if my body is very evidently in need of scrubbing?), jewellery, tokens, wine, chocolates. Also visited my parents, which was great, though mum’s got an unfestive cold, and visited boyf’s parents as well.

But you can’t live in a dressing-gowned lazy haze for ever, so today, I was excited about going back to the WIP. Haven’t done a huge amount but it’s coming on quite well.

Finally, have been following the news from SE Asia. I’ve visited both Sri Lanka and Thailand – both stunning countries with amazing people – and can’t believe how appalling the latest pictures and accounts are. I know it sounds really crass to be talking about spas one moment and talking about disasters the next, but I hope all the necessary aid reaches those in greatest need quickly and safely. I'm waiting for the emergency appeal to get organised, have just been googling but can't find an official donations site yet. I guess they're getting people out there first, gathering the money later.


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