Saturday, November 06, 2004

Radio silence is restored…

Word count: 51,392

Bit of a long break since the last entry, which does somewhat defeat the point of having a blog, but in my defence a) have still been feeling poorly and b) I have been working hard on the novel, to try to get it into a state to send to my editor and agent.

I’m nearly there with editing the first 50,000 words, which does feel like a slightly odd way to work, as usually I would be motoring on to the end before sending it off… Though I suppose the truth is that whenever I start writing something new, I feel a lot of self-doubt that it’s going to be any good, so at least getting feedback part of the way through is either reassuring, or will put me back on the correct path.

That’s a big difference between writing the first novel, when you’re really on your own, and being published, when other people have a ‘stake’ in your work. I definitely prefer having an audience, but it’s still a case of getting used to it. For example, when you send your MS to your editor, should you raise your own doubts/areas of concern, or send it ‘blind’ and see if she picks up on the same stuff?

Strange things are happening with the new novel: the bits I am enjoying writing the most are flashbacks from the point-of-view of the main character’s mother, set in the seventies, and I am really enjoying the period touches and trying to capture the mood. I am also in love with all my characters at the moment. Fingers crossed my editor and agent feel the same…

In other news, the builders in the flat above continue to drive me mad with awful drilling and singing. I am hugely depressed by the news from America. I had to go to the dentist for the first time in years, which I loathe. I am very scared of dentists. I am trying to diet and failing most of the time. And my lovely lovely jacket for The Starter Marriage is now on amazon. I will stop going on about it soon, I promise.

Tot ziens as they said in Holland…


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