Saturday, November 13, 2004

Neurosis and the chick lit writer

Word count: 54,444

Now I do realise that, on the face of it, having 66 fewer words on my word count than six days ago may not look to be progress. But this is the joy of editing… I’ve been tweaking to get it ready to send to my agent and editor, and also done some work to put the first chapter into the First Person and see whether that works better. And I’ve just finished. Hurrah… now the wait begins.

On one of the message boards I visit, there’s been an interesting discussion about whether writing is essentially a neurotic pursuit and I have to say YES! It has to be the oddest thing, sitting at a desk making up imaginary worlds and people to fill them. But I also think it’s quite healthy, if you’re the kind of person who has those kind of ideas and thoughts, to commit them to paper. Now you might think that the lighter the genre, the less intense the feelings or desire to write would be, but I’m not at all convinced by that.

I could do on but I have lots of other things to do. Something to return to one of these days… like over the next few weeks as I await the verdict on what I've written so far...

Kate x


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