Sunday, October 10, 2004

Wearing away the letters…

Word count: 28,317 (not bad at all)

Standby for another laptop lament. How come the letters wear off laptop keyboards – and what exactly is the significance of which ones disappear? So far A is a distant memory and W is fading fast. Z is looking perky, for obvious reasons.

So, what have I done all week? Well, have managed 4,000 words which ain’t bad (though it’s not outstanding. I managed to write about 20,000 last Christmas, which was a record). Went to an appalling Mexican restaurant in Camden on Friday night to see my friend Jenny: there were the LOUDEST Americans in there you have ever heard. Why do people need to shout so loud that you can’t have a conversation. We were so desperate to have a good old chat that we ended up in the Holiday Inn bar, the most soulless (and chilly) watering hole in the area. I really don't like Camden at all. Tourists take note: this is not Real London.

Had my first story published in Woman’s Own magazine, which was exciting, though they had an odd unrelated picture next to it of a girl reading a book, which seemed odd as the story was about a bride-to-be and her vicar.

My sister’s had all her passports and documents and stuff stolen in Buenos Aires so if you’re reading this, Toni, chin up! She’s off to NZ soon where hopefully everything will be a bit less ‘edgy’ though she’s loved Argentina.

Oh and guess what folks, chick lit is dead again. You heard it here first (not!). Now I’m very glad that Jenny and Jane will survive but what about all the others? Sophie Kinsella, Lisa Jewell, Chris Manby and lots of other talented writers. Where are their readers going to go? Will they really start reading Andy McNab and Frederick Forsythe?

Right, must go and do something Sunday-ish like going to the pub. Boyfriend is currently reading Woman’s Own (an article entitled I sold all my fat clothes on Ebay) which is not altogether healthy.



Blogger Stephanie Zia said...

EEEEP, I didn't see your Woman's Own article! Am intrigued to see the picture, and oops read it of course, (as in reeeeeed), but I have already & enjoyed it hugely. Am now off to find out what's happened to chic lit.......... xx stephanie

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