Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Two in one day... by 'eck

Word count: 33,457

Well, whaddya know? I managed a really decent word count tonight and I also got through an annoying reunion scene that had been proving a real struggle. It’s good to be out the other side. Weird, the things that hold you up with your writing.

I know other writers who recommend typing in stuff like: MARGARET AND RONALD FLIRT, SNOG AND HAVE SEX when they can’t be bothered to write up the scene at the time. But somehow to me that seems like cheating. So I plod on and write rubbish because at least then I can go back and fix it later. I use the Word comment function which is an ace discovery, recommended to me a couple of years ago by a writing friend, Russ, who will one day be joining me on the bookshelves. So I can just type something like ‘this is utter rubbish, improve it’ in a little speech bubble that appears alongside the text but doesn’t interrupt the flow…
Anyway… apart from that I’ve been watching What Not to Wear which is made in my department at the BBC and would be my worst nightmare to appear in, though it’s brilliantly entertaining to watch. Tonight’s was a classic, with one frump and one overdressed woman transformed. And actually the frump looked a lot like I imagine one of my new characters to look, so that means watching TV tonight counts as research. Honest.

Right, back to work. Am wondering if I can manage 4,000 words today. Though it hardly counts as a week off work, now, does it?


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