Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Lost days...

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I’ve spent the last two days feeling incredibly sorry for myself. I even had two days off work, which is really unlike me. This cold turned into the most savage bug I can remember having in years. Slept all day then couldn’t sleep at night, on account of my head feeling like a Damien Hurst sculpture, constructed from frozen snot.

Oh and then my boiler decided to stop working. But luckily the nice men from British Gas came and fixed it. The second guy said he recommended drinking lots of water, reckons it’s the best way of avoiding a cold. It comes to something when you get good health tips from a heating engineer.

It’s only late this afternoon that I’ve started to feel OK. As in, still pretty rough and coughing loads but more like my normal self. Frustrating to have sat around/done nothing for four days though. On the plus side, am really looking forward to going to work!

And it does pale into insignificance compared to the death of John Peel, one of those broadcasting legends. A real shocker and how strange/wonderful that he was such an important person in the lives of so many generations


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