Wednesday, October 20, 2004

The daily blog

Word count: 31,672

So today it's cold and wet outside in London and I am writing. I've managed 1,602 words so far today and it's 3pm so I don't think I'm doing too badly. Until I remember with my first book, I managed 1,000 words a day AND I was working full-time.

I set myself a target of 2,000 words today so am nearly there and hope to exceed that. 3,000 would be good. What is it with writers and word counts? I suppose that in an uncertain imaginary world full of made-up people, odd situations and stranger endings, then words are a nice concrete thing to focus on. Never mind the quality, feel the width.

Had an email from UK editor yesterday saying everyone is raving about my cover/jacket design for The Starter Marriage, which is very exciting - can't wait to see a finished version! And also heard from US editor with the copy for the cover there, so it's getting closer. It feels such a long time between writing and publication. Book 3 is already listed on for publication in March 06... talk about signing your life away.

But then there's all the trivia of the day to sort out - must go on my exercise bike to get rid of all the flab. There's deciding what flooring to have in my hallway (oh, single plank or three-plank?), there's deciding which home contents insurance to buy, birthday presents to get for people, there's all sorts of trivia that occupies my mind.

Oh yes and then there's this blog, the best method of procrastination I know. So I ought to stop now and get back to the WIP...

Great link of the day: this is an amazing collection of articles about the business of writing, aimed mainly at women's fiction authors, but relevant for anyone starting out . I think they're excellent and I got to them via Wendy Wootton's blog.

Tune in for more hardcore word count action later.... x


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