Thursday, October 21, 2004

Cooking on gas...

Word Count:38,388

Hey how’s about that then? (Jimmy Savile reference, circa 1976, for the unitiated)
True, I didn’t do much else today except:

  • Whinge about having a cold that won’t go away
  • Harass the builders upstairs who were throwing massive beams out of the 3rd and 4th floor windows that kept landing like nail-studded javelins on the front garden
  • Drink a lot of coffee and a lot of detoxing ‘hot water with lemon’ to counteract it
  • Try to decide between one strip and three strip flooring for my hallway. How come they don’t teach you about this stuff at school?

I also discovered the most fantastic source of enjoyment, thanks to Victoria Routledge. It’s great but it has set back word count progress by at least 2,000 words.

In addition, have been debating with some writerly friends the potential benefit of this: can it be true you can write any book in 28 days? I managed my first one in 3 months and that was a struggle.

Finally, I did receive my jacket mock-up through the post. And it’s true. It’s gorgeous. I am in love with the person who designed it. I keep stroking it. Though I have decided the ‘pensive’ author photo I chose actually makes me look dopey.

You can’t win em all…


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