Sunday, October 24, 2004

Cold or ‘flu – the answer’s in Lemsip Max

Wordcount: 44,072

Am feeling very sorry for myself today. Have spent most of the weekend in bed and NOT in a good way. I’ve got a cold but it’s one of those that feels like ‘flu, too weak to get up for very long, afternoon naps etc. Like being catapulted fifty years into the future to moaning pensioner status. Boyf has been very good, actually. I have decided you can tell how ill you feel by whether you buy ordinary Lemsip or the Max variety. Am on the latter…

Before I went off the boil, I did make progress with Book 3 but it’s stalled now. On the plus side, got the catalogue from Orion for April and I am on page 4 and 5 which is rather exciting. They’ve done a lovely job. Just hope lots and lots of booksellers will want to stock me. Um, it. That’s the weirdest thing about being a writer, the way you effectively become a ‘product.’
I could go on but frankly am too knackered.


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