Friday, September 10, 2004

That Friday Feeling...

Looks like Autumn might kick in this weekend, after the tiny little bit of Indian Summer we've been having... there's even that smell in the air of ripeness and rotting (oh dear, that's threatening to get slightly poetic, so I have to stop there).

Am in an irritated, niggly mood at all sorts of things:
  • at the bastard who decided to break off my car wing mirror - I know it couldn't have been a car cos it was on the side next to the kerb. Sometimes I hate London.
  • at the way supermarket shopping is generally annoying. I spent about 15 minutes walking around Sainsbury's looking for clingfilm. And then there's all the hassle in that last 20 seconds when you get handed back your card and receipt and are also finishing the packing and trying to move your shopping into the trolley, while the next customer wants to get going too. Oh and grannies huddled around the apple aisle.
  • Parcelforce. Why make it so bloody hard to get a parcel delivered?

I am turning into Victor Meldrew. But I am less annoyed than some writers I know about the Richard and Judy Novel Writing competition - I was published as a result of a competition myself so I don't think it's necessarily trivialising writing, as I know some people feel. If you're not published - have a go!

Today - after my Sainsbury's moment, my row with Parcelforce and lunch with my friend Jenny, I am going to get down to doing some writing for book 3. Honest.

Oh and my other news is that my new book, The Starter Marriage, is going to have lovely bronze lettering on it. According to my lovely editor, it costs more but they think it'll make it look all gorgeous on the shelf. Can't wait to see it...


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