Sunday, September 26, 2004

The Polish Builders' Fan Club

Word count: 23,943

Hmmm. Have just sat up watching the BBC’s Dirty War drama. God knows why I did that, I won’t sleep. It took me about 15 years to get over all those nuclear war movies s in the 80s. It is worrying, though.

Have had rather more immediate dirty preoccupations this weekend. Blocked drains. I live in a basement flat which means I get everyone else’s sewage on my patio if there’s a blockage. And that’s what happened this week. Long story, but a lovely Polish bloke came round and managed to fix it with drain rods… though another drains 'expert' with a £200-a-time machine failed (mind you, he was very nice and didn't charge me - I was near hysterical by the time he'd shaken his head lots of times because a) I had gubbins all over my flagstones and b) I was going to be charged a fortune for the privilege). I don’t want to know what the blockage was…

Um, what else? Well, it’s proof-reading time with Book 2. It’s come through in book form, looking very jolly and professional. Have found a few repetitions though so am hoping my publishers won’t get the hump too much with my suggested minor deletions. That has slightly taken me off the case with Book 3 but will be back motoring forward this week, drains permitting…


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