Monday, September 06, 2004

Monday at work and doing authorly things

People imagine that becoming an author involves giving up the day job... not necessarily!

Today I juggled both. My day job involves thinking up new programme ideas for the BBC Documentaries and Contemporary Factual Department. I work with a fab and groovy set of highly creative people... hello Emma and Mark and Lucy and Rosy and Lillie and Arianne and Rob and Edward... (OK enough, already)

At lunchtime I sneaked off for a quick meeting with the sales reps for Orion at the Berner's Hotel off Oxford Street. I love doing authorly things like this. Everyone was very supportive and kind, laughing at all my non-existent jokes. I also met some of the other authors who will be published around the same time as me in 2005: Tilly Bagshawe (sister of the legendary Louise Bagshawe) who was very glam and very funny too: Kirsty Crawford who used to be an editor at Orion and whose first novel, Other Women, sounds terrific: and Sophia McDougall who is 23 and has written a trilogy about what would have happened had the Roman Empire never fallen. I was awestruck at the level of imagination that must have taken...

Incidentally, if you're after a great resource to get you writing a novel, try here. I know it's a link to a Harlequin/Mills & Boon site but it has so much terrific information about writing that you should look there even if you have no intention of writing romantic fiction.

Oh, and tonight I have emailed off my new synopsis for Book 3. Wish me luck.


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