Sunday, September 12, 2004

Hot laps and hurricanes

Book 3 word-count: 18,204 (helped by recycling a whole lot of stuff from implausible first attempt)

Have decided that I can't keep on naming my blog entries after days of the week because a) it's highly unoriginal and b) it will get confusing.

So my current preoccupations are rising temperatures in my laptop and the world in general. If I am honest, the laptop question is more of an urgent concern at present - I am that shallow. It has become increasingly hot over the last couple of months and I haven't even been writing anything especially smutty. Am worried it might blow up.

As for global warming: the situation in Jamaica is grim and it follows extreme weather here in the UK, including terrible flash floods in the Cornish town of Boscastle. I must admit that apart from taking my empty wine bottles to be recycled, using the odd low-energy lightbulb and living close enough to work to walk in (cos I hate the Tube), I haven't paid that much attention to global warming, but now I am starting to wonder where the world is headed. To the moon, according to this guy.

Apart from that - am now on broadband, yippee (for someone who spends their life on the net this is long overdue). My first pleasure was watching the terrific 'This land is mine' film - I am sure I am the last person in the world to catch up... but it's very funny. Less so on dial-up though, I suspect.

Writing tips site of the day: writewords - a UK based community and info siteyou don't have to join up to read some of the articles and forums. Definitely worth a look.

Now time to ready the News of the World which quotes a source close to Posh Spice saying she now thinks she married a "vain, arrogant yob" - you do have to wonder why it's taken her so long to cotton on...


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